Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The nursing home is threatening to throw my father out. He is acclimated, content and easily managed. He has 24 hour private aides who keep him company and hold his hand while he paces. He has no medical issues, no special needs. So what's the problem? It's my mother!

In her quest to make his last days (more likely, years) pleasant, she has alienated everyone who cares for him.
Don't let him sit in his room
Don't put him in front of the television
Don't give him tuna sandwiches more than once a week
Don't talk to him like that
Don't walk too close/too far from him
Don't feed him
Don't let him go without eating

The nursing staff scatters when my mother arrives, like fish sensing a predator in the water, they flee. The aides who sit with my father ask to be reassigned. The administrator calls ME to express his dismay: "We cannot satisfy your mother." I guess she wrote one too many letter of complaint, left one too many phone messages and emails. Now what?

Now what?

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